DO YOU NEED World-class plastic components



We supply companies within Pharma & Medico, Instruments & Optics, Process Industry and Electronics Industry. We focus on the needs of our customers in everything we do.

What we are capable of

Product development of injection molded components

Highly specialized advice and sparring for your product developers.


Own development of molds/tools.
Production with the use of customer tools.

Product optimization

Professional guidance to the most suitable raw materials and production methods.


Medico components

Injection molding in clean room - High 5S level.
Lens manufacturing and Micro injection molding - High OEE components.


Managing tight schedules.
Production in controlled environment.
Production with advanced robot technology.


Documentation and certificates that meet the customer's requirements.
Certificates: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.


Our digitization project has made it possible to collect and analyze data across machines and electronic records. We can work smarter together and get more out of hand in everyday life, and we can produce high quality items at lower costs.

Our organizational and technical muscle can now tackle more ambitious projects, such as to focus on the complete integration of data from a certain products manufacturing process, and thereby our customers will also be able to gain more knowledge about the products that we produce for them.


For us, the introduction of LEAN and our certification project has meant a significant increase in productivity, reduction of processing time, improved quality and focus on error prevention. It has also provided greater overview, robustness, flexibility and accuracy in the operation process and in the service level compliance with customers.

The staff has gained a boost in competence, and they have learned that adaptability and innovation ability provide motivated and satisfied employees - less stress, and not least a more fun job.


We introduce our customers to a transparent cost model, which, down to the last detail, documents what parameters are included in the total cost calculation for products and consultancy / project management. This really makes us the customers' preferred partner.

0-error production

We offer the customer a business model where we have control of the process from the customer's idea to a new product, and until the product is manufactured by us.

In this way, both we and the customer do what we are good at, thereby increasing profitability for both parties.

Kühn is a project house within injection molding of plastic components. We have the capacity to solve new tasks. We take care of the whole process from idea and development to production and logistics. We supply companies within Pharma & Medico, Instruments & Optics, Process Industry and Electronics Industry. We focus on the needs of our customers in everything we do. We supply products with consistent quality at competitive prices.

In short, you should choose us if you are looking for a supplier that delivers individual components, solutions (including assembly), additional processing of components and/or print on components, because we can contribute to your product development activities with our competences e.g. in which raw materials to use, how to develop and optimize molds/tools. We have a large production capacity due to our advanced robot technology.